Go90’s ‘Awesometacular’ Will Update You and Educate You!

YouTuber Jeremy Jahns has been reviewing things on YouTube for a long time. He’s now reviewing things professionally for ‘Awesometacular’ on Go90 in conjunction with Collider. The show, ala Paul Rodriguez’s ‘Can I Hang?’ definitely feels skewed to the Go90Zone set aka, this one’s for the boys.

The formula of the show is simple. Jahns picks a trending pop culture topic and then the show spends almost 30 minutes honoring it and breaking it down through reviews, games, and sketches.

While the show doesn’t bring anything particularly new to the format, Jahns’ manic energy is pleasing, and contagious. If you are a Star Wars nerd/ like to break down multi-verses, or just deeply wax philosophical on one nerdy pop culture topic for half an hour, this is the show for you. If you aren’t that quite level of nerd, you might find the show a bit slow.

This one is for a particularly specific type of nerd, ya’ll. For that reason we give it five likes on a scale of ten likes.