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Google’s Pixel 2 Campaign Just Locked In Some Big Talent!

Google has tapped into YouTube to begin a campaign for its new smartphone launch and we’re super stoked. The campaign is for Google Pixel 2 and it’s got eight channels with 10 million subscribers!!! The creators include Nikita Dragun, The Fung Bros, and Yolanda Gampp.

The studio known as Portal A is heading the campaign, taking part in all creative, casting, and producing efforts. The YouTubers were chosen to reflect the diverse voice of YT overall.

The campaign is creating some serious waves; being featured on YouTube’s homepage, and comprising of a bunch of social media posts on all your fav platforms!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the fun going down on Google Pixel 2!

We’re totally excited to watch all the amazing content that will be going down thanks to Google Pixel 2!


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