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Gordon Hayward Had The NBA On The Edge Of Their Seat, And Players In Emoji Warfare!

Gordon Hayward has signed with the Boston Celtics.

Sorry Utah fans, but the small power forward has made the move, and there’s no going back. In a post on the Players Tribune, Hayward explained his decision, and the life changing experience he’s had in Utah.

“I feel like I’m indebted to Salt Lake, twice over. Because not only has this been the city where I’ve started my family, and not only has this been the city that’s helped raise my daughters for the last couple of years … but long before that, during my first few years in the league — I also feel like this city helped raise me. And I feel like this city took me in, as part of its own family.”

Before Gordon had the chance to officially make his decision, a Twitter emoji war broke out between the three teams vying for Hayward’s talent. Isaiah Thomas representing the Boston Celtics, Rudy Gobert reppin the home team, Utah Jazz, and Hassan Whiteside comin in for the Miami Heat.

We think the emoji’s speak for themselves.

Who knew social media warfare was so entertaining?

The declared winner?