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We Got The EXCLUSIVE BTS While Volunteering With #HashtagLunchbag!

This past weekend we had the unbelievable experience of being able to attend a #HashtagLunchbag event in Los Angeles.

#HashtagLunchbag is a non-profit organization founded by Ajay Relan that is dedicated to helping provide a brown bag lunch to those in need of a meal. It might sound like something small, but we promise you that once you are standing there and seeing just how many people are taking part in such an act of kindness and charity, the effect is overwhelming in the best kind of way.

The event itself was set up into different sections for volunteers to then choose which one they’d rather take part in. There was a ‘love’ note and brown bag area, a sandwich making area, and a general assembly of putting the food into the bags.

We tried our best to jump around to all of the sections and try our hand at each responsibility to really gain the full perspective of the entire event.

When sitting at the ‘love’ note table, it was especially funny to watch people sit down and wonder what they should be writing. At one point, another volunteer even quipped that writers probably all flocked to that table because it was what they felt most comfortable doing.

The seemingly endless amount of volunteers collectively made, and then packed, enough lunches to feed 1,600 people, which were then dispersed out to the homeless community.

At one point, someone asked what the point of the ‘love’ notes was, and another person working there simply answered that it made a difference in people’s lives to read something nice.

We couldn’t agree more!

Check out our time at the #HashtagLunchbag Los Angeles event, and if you have a chance to make it to their next one, we highly suggest going and checking it out!