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Graffiti Camp Wants Girl Power To Reign Supreme

Even though summer is over (and we’re not teenagers anymore), this Instagram account has us already thinking about camp.

Artist, Nina Wright, has started a graffiti camp for girls with the intent to help educate and expand the female demographic amongst street artists.

Originally from Ohio, Nina noticed the distinct lack of women who were involved in the graffiti/muralist scene in Oakland, which is where she ultimately found her own home as an artist.

Thank god for this idea because girls are just as badass as guys and it’s about damn time they have a place to learn how to paint the streets too.

Graffiti Camp For Girls was so successful during its first round of sign ups earlier this year that Nina is already looking to expand her reach.

The best part about the camp is that at the end of the whole thing, the girls all work together to create a mural somewhere, and based off of the images we’ve seen on the website and Nina’s own Girl Mob Instagram, the mural level skills are ridiculously impressive.

Like, alright, that’s cool that teenagers can just imagine an image and create it so epically???

No, for real, it is cool and we’re really glad that Nina is doing her part to help them along the way.


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