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Is Gucci Ripping Off Other Designers?

Gucci’s new collection is turning some heads for all the wrong reasons.


After coming under fire for their suspiciously similar bomber jacket design to that of designer Dapper Dan, Gucci has once again released a line of clothing that is giving people some serious deja vu.

Their new Cruise 2018 Collection has two separate designers from Australia and New Zealand both accusing the luxury clothing brand of stealing their artwork.

The designs in question are both circular graphic prints displaying different animals while surrounded by a variation of the Gucci name.

Stuart Smythe, who is the artist behind the coiled snake design originally created for his label CLVL, claims that the new Gucci shirt (showcasing the same snake) stole his design and made little to no attempt at hiding it.

The only clear difference between the two pieces, aside from the different wording, is that the snake image is flipped.

Smythe is not alone though, artist Milan Chagoury has also claimed theft due to the similarities between the design he created (and owns) for the tattoos shop White Tiger Tattoo Co.

Since being called out, Gucci has reached out to both artists in an attempt to mend fences, but due to a lack of designer credit, neither artist seems t0o keen on working with the company in the future.

Maybe next time Gucci should ask for permission, not forgiveness.