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We’re Bringing You An Inside Look At AT&T Hello Lab’s Newest Series “Guilty Party”!

AT&T Hello Lab in conjunction with Fullscreen bring us their newest show ‘Guilty Party’ and it looks incredible – We sat down with the stars of the series to find out more!

The series features recognizable talent Tiffany Alford, Teala Dunn, Kian Lawley, Miles McKenna, Jessie Paege, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, and Alexis G. Zall. See what they had to tell us about the characters they are each playing and how the series interacts with fans and viewers as the story progresses! If you love a good mystery, get ready- because you’re about to be hooked.

The interactive high school mystery is centered around Tiffany Alvord, the victim of high school bullying, and how she handles the clique that cast her out.

Alexis G. Zall said the show is “about a kid who has been bullied by a lot of her peers, and a year later she seemingly comes back for revenge and sort of starts revealing all of our classmates’ secrets and they need to figure out exactly what is going on before all of their secrets are out on the table.”

The series officially launches tomorrow, August 29th, across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Full episodes will air every Tuesday and character vlogs will be released daily.