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Guilty Pleasure: 4 Cringe-Worthy TikTok Videos You’ll Love To Hate

Guilty Pleasure: 4 Cringe-Worthy TikTok Videos You’ll Love To Hate!

After scrolling through the TikTok app, we’re convinced it was created to give the talentless a chance to shine.  The app has a ton of filters and effects that make even the most mundane task look sort of interesting.  The best and ironically worst part about TikTok is the amount of cringe content on there!  Popular influencers like Cody Ko and PewDiePie have weighed in on the trend but ultimately ended up loving it.

Most of the users are underage so we have to cut them some slack, but 90s kids everywhere are thanking God that they didn’t grow up in this era.  Our awkward phases and rhythmless dance moves will not be televised which makes us respect these kids a little bit more.  We still can’t help but laugh at these hilariously awkward TikTok videos so if you’re having a bad day, it’s about to get a whole lot better!


Alex YamasakiSolid music choice but there just wasn’t enough effort on choreography.

OlgessaThis is actually impressive mostly because I can’t do that backflip.

Leaelui – Here’s a little bit of advice for TikTok couples: If you’re going to do a duet, we need 2x the effort!

CeydagedikMost TikTokers need to tone down the overused filters and effects but this is the one time where I feel the exact opposite.  

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And since we showed you the worst now we’ll show you TikTok’s top influencers.

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