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An H3h3 Love Story Beginning At The Holocaust Museum

One of our favorite YouTube couples, Ethan and Hila from H3h3 shared a heartwarming video outlining the start of their relationship.

Ethan explains he was in the middle of college and coping with a generalized anxiety disorder that was crippling and affecting his ability to socialize. Then he went on a birthright trip to Isreal.

During the trip, Israeli soldiers joined the tour group (service is mandatory for citizens after they turn 18) and they headed out to visit Jerusalem’s Holocaust Museum. The 40-plus member group sat down to nosh on some Papa John’s pizza and Ethan’s eyes met Hila’s. He decided to approach her.

“The last thing I expected to find up there was the love of my life…”

See the whole story unfold in their beautiful, yet still comedy-tinged video about their first meeting.



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