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H3h3 Hila Klein’s Teddy Fresh Was Suspended By Paypal!

In a horrible act for small businesses, Paypal has unceremoniously closed Hila Klein of H3h3‘s Teddy Fresh account.

Hila’s Teddy Fresh line just rolled out October 25th, and the clothes were so dope we snagged some to rep at the Trending house. Proof:

The line has been doing amazing, and this color block hoodie even sold out the day of the release! But now, Paypal has suspended their account which contains nearly 50% of all their revenue collected since the launch. Paypal sent the H3h3 team a note explaining their they pose a “security risk”:

This hold will last 180 days, so it cripples this new company and their ability to continue selling merch like this hoodie, which was set to be restocked so more fans would be able to score one. And it leaves Teddy Fresh hanging by a thread as they can’t use the funds that are now tied up with Paypal.

We hope Paypal takes note and expedites this resolution ASAP so Teddy Fresh can continue to do business. We’re not sure where the confusion came from, but we’re guessing Paypal isn’t use to YouTuber merch madness and are able to get on board with the system for future launches.


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