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H3H3 Slams YouTube’s Double Standard On Ads

Damn, H3H3 just went in hard on YouTube and their double standard on which videos get ads, and which ones don’t.

We already briefly touched upon this topic with Casey Neistat and the fact that his video talking about the Las Vegas shooting was demonetized due to YouTube’s supposed policy on not running ads on videos having to due with tragedies. This notion was quickly proven wrong by Philip DeFranco when he posted a screenshot of Jimmy Kimmel’s Las Vegas massacre monologue that, shocker, had ads on it.

H3H3, however, went even further and talked about the fact that not only is this a blatant lie, but it is censorship through selectivity.

“When you have rules that are so general that you can prosecute pretty much anyone you want, when you use that broadness to enforce a certain ideology, that’s censorship.”

Louder for those in the back.

This is an ugly truth that needs to be said because we would be naive to think that YouTube isn’t in some way controlling what videos we see more of, as well as which ones are able to make money.

Ethan went on to talk about how, due to this, he doesn’t believe that we will see any new edgy channels popping up on YouTube, and that the future of creators will be the likes of Logan and Jake Paul.

“There’s no soul left, there’s no backbone left.”

While this may seem like an intense statement to say…he’s not entirely wrong.

If YouTube is pulling the strings in regards to which videos are ending up on the trending page, then it doesn’t leave much room for success for those who aren’t aligning with the message that they’re trying to deliver, which ultimately brings up the question about free speech.

Check out H3H3’s full video below talking about YouTube’s ad war.


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