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Hannah Stocking Gets Roasted By Close Friends For Her Birthday

Hannah Stocking Gets Roasted By Close Friends For Her Birthday.

Hannah Stocking celebrated her 27th birthday surrounded by friends on Monday night.  Influencers including Logan Paul, Kathrine Lucia, Julissa Prado, Adam Waheed, Anwar Jibawi, Lele Pons, Simon Rex and more were in attendance.  Each of them took the stage to participate in a friendly roast of the birthday girl.

“We don’t have a lot in common but we do have the same size tits — which is cool,” joked Logan.

Adam and Anwar hit the stage to recite a poem for Hannah.

“You’re one stinking whore but you’ll always be a friend that I adore.  No, but seriously you’re so stupid I feel like you faked your degree.”

Simon switched things up by with a raunchy freestyle

“I’m not gay but pause.  I’ll suck your d–k in the closet.  Na, I’m just playing, I wish you were Himalayan.  I don’t know what that means but you kind of fart a lot when you eat beans.  And your kind of sexy.  If I married you your last name would by Rexy.”

They also celebrated the traditional way with a birthday cake and drinks before they danced the night away.  Check out highlights from Hannah Stocking’s birthday celebration below!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I honestly wish I was there…….y can’t we all go to stormi’s berth-day

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