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Happy Music Monday! Celebrate With BROCKHAMPTON!

We know Monday may not necessarily be a day you’re looking forward to. It’s most likely the start to your work week. But to us, it’s not just Monday, it’s Music Monday! We polled our offices and discovered that we’ve all been jamming to BROCKHAMPTON! Get to know the music group that’s killin it in in all the right ways.

BROCKHAMPTON is changing the game when it comes to boy-bands. Gone are the days of synth pop and harmonious vocals. Enter a crew of seven Texans who create music with sounds we’ve heard before, but not arranged in the way we’re used to.

BROCKHAMPTON is a little bit of rock, punk, soul, hip-hop, rap, literally anything you can think of.

Plus, they’re pretty productive. They released their first album, which took them only three weeks to complete on June 09, entitled Saturation and are following that with the second part of the album, Saturation II just two months later. That’s ridiculously fast. 

Dubbing themselves as the “all American boy band” seems ironic, but they truly embody all genres of music in a way that hasn’t been done before. That’s as American as it gets. They’re the social media age boy band you’ve been waiting for! With over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, there’s nowhere to go but up!

From left to right, top row to bottom: Ameer Vann, Matt Champrion, Kevin Abstract, Dom Mclennon, JOBA, Merlyn Wood, Rodney Tenor.

And yes, there are definitely more members of BROCKHAMPTON, who you’ll see from time to time, but think of them as behind the scenes. We want you to give them a listen, here’s our top 3 recommended tracks! Fair warning: this music is about to blow your mind.

and their latest release:

We warned you that minds would be blown. Be sure to check out our other featured artists for Music Monday!