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Who Has Not Been Invited To VidCon?!?!

VidCon has already released their first round of featured creators for the 2018 VidCon! Included are some regulars like Benny and Rafi Fine (Fine Bros), ThreadBanger, Hannah Hart, and Joey Graceffa. There are also some new people who we are very excited to see: Elijah and Christine (remember last year’s fiasco?) and Safiya Nygaard.

Some really popular vloggers are missing like Logan Paul and Team 10. There are also a lot of big old school YouTuber’s missing like Grace Helbig, Lilly Singh, and Tyler Oakley!

There has been some talk about who is and isn’t invited to be featured at VidCon. There have been some #bitter tweets about not being invited year after year.

VidCon coordinators have said that they try to get the people that are popular but there are many issues that come up. Either they took too long to respond, intentionally create issues (*cough* Logan), are not available, or they don’t see enough of a demand to pay for that creator’s accommodations (flights, hotels, and security).

This is only the first round of featured creators, so we are expecting more of our faves to be announced soon!

Are you going to VidCon? Who are you excited to see? Let us know over on Twitter @TrendAllDay

  1. Ussbrattain says:

    I just don’t understand how you cannot invite Charles Trippy/Ctfxc he holds the world record, he is what YouTube is all about. maybe hes not getting many views, And to me this just tells me it’s more about money.

  2. Glaring difficulties says:

    Pewdiepie Oz disks themed curbs the same time Cushman Yekaterinburg urgently snakeskin six 6

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