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Heather Dubrow Throws Shade At Beauty Guru Alexis Stone

Apparently imitation does not equal flattery for Heather Dubrow.

Alexis Stone is a pretty mind bogglingly impressive makeup artist who manages to transform into anyone and everyone in such a convincing manner, sometimes you need to do a double take to make sure it’s not the actual person themselves.

Normally, it’s like a right of passage or an honor to be featured as one of Alexis’ transformations, but for Heather, it seemed like an offense.

Okay, firstly– rude.

Secondly, how can she even say that? Not only is the makeup incredible like always, but it’s so obviously not meant as something mean against her?

It didn’t take long for other beauty gurus such as Manny MUA to come to Alexis’ defense and call out Heather for her unnecessary comments.

Alexis also got word of Heather’s reaction and posted the following on Instagram calling her out over the fact that it was apparently the producers from her show who asked for the transformation in the first place.

Since the whole insane clusterfuck initially went down Heather tried to explain why she reacted that way, but really, she just kept digging herself deeper into a hole before ultimately tweeting out an apology to Alexis.

We’re glad that she can at least admit to being wrong!


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