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What The Hell Is Going On With Bart Baker And YouTube??

UPDATE: Bart Baker’s video has been re-uploaded and linked down below.

Looks like we’ve got another bout of YouTube drama on our hands.

Bart Baker, who is notoriously known for his parody videos, seems to be ready to physically fight YouTube.

Everything is very confusing right now because we are unable to see the video in question where Bart apparently explains why he and YouTube are at such odds, but from what we can piece together from his Twitter timeline, it seems like they’re maybe trying to shut his channel down?

You won’t be able to actually click on the video link in his Tweet, but we put it above anyways so that way you guys can see the thumbnail that was originally posted with the upload, as well as his claim that the platform is trying to shut down his entire channel.

Like we said, we really don’t have much to go off of because of the video being locked by YouTube, but it’s pretty clear that something is going down. Prior to this whole shindig, Bart posted an email between him and someone from YouTube where they sort of vaguely side-stepped why his video parody wasn’t showing up in searches, and also where they addressed him as Brad instead of Bart, which seems…odd.

Honestly, the whole thing feels highly suspect to us and we’ve got a lot more digging to do before we can 100% say where we stand on the matter. One thing is sure though, YouTube is still very much so in the hot seat in regards to creators and how they feel about the platform.

But what do you guys think? Is this whole thing a stunt or does YouTube really have it out for Bart? Let us know!



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