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Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Shane Dawson’s Next Docuseries

Shane Dawson is not playing fair–the YouTuber’s been dropping TEAser’s but mostly keeping us in the dark so we’ve compiled a list of everything we know so far about this mysterious upcoming docuseries!

1. We’re almost certain Shane Dawson’s next docuseries victim guest will be Jake Paul and possibly Logan Paul!

Shane tweeted that the docuseries was originally supposed to feature only one person but then turned into a story about ‘everyone.’  What other guest would be okay with sharing the spotlight with another person unless it was their brother?

2. Shane tweeted that the next series will get inside the mind of his subject and that it was his most challenging series yet. 

The Paul brothers are very controversial and ultra confident.  As you can tell from Shane’s previous documentaries he doesn’t just stop at surface level chatter.  We all love his documentaries for their deep dive into the history of his guests.

Viewers get to see a vulnerable side to these influencers that we never knew was there.  It helps relate and sympathize with those once deemed ‘problematic.’  This might be difficult for the Paul brothers who most people think are as deep as a kiddie pool.  I think there’s way more than meets the eye when it comes to Jake and Logan so it would be awesome to see the real them behind the superstar persona.

3. Shane has over a 100 hours of footage for this next documentary!

And we don’t think it’s bloopers or throw away footage either!  We’re talking 100 hours of quality footage that Shane sacrificed his mental and physical health for.  Oh yeah, he revealed he had a mental breakdown when he thought the cameras were off but they caught everything.

4. This documentary will be 8 hours long! 

Get your popcorn ready because Shane tweeted this is going to be a long one that’s worth the wait!  Hey Shane, any chance you could drop the series all at once like a Netflix special?!

Okay, I’m done playing Inspector Gadget and that’s mostly because Shane promised a preview to quench our thirst until the real series drops!  



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