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Alright guys, so we might be crazy, but we can’t help but notice how much the new and improved TRL looks just like Trending All Day.

Just humor us for a second, alright?

We are not so ridiculous to think that we were the first human beings to sit around and manifest the colors yellow and black, nor do we think that we’re the first ones to say hey– those colors would look sick AF together.

Obviously bumble bees were the first ones to do that.

However, it’s kinda wild that TRL, which is now newly redone to cater to Influencers specifically as hosts, suddenly changed their entire color scheme from a blue and peach combo to yellow and black.

cheesin’ never looked so good, @kekepalmer! 😁 #TRL

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Gilmore ✅ Handmaid ✅ Emmy winner ✅ Birthday girl ✅ #TRL

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Coincidence? We think not.

And it would be one thing if that was the only piece of this puzzle that resembled our own cultivated tune, but alas, it’s not.

In one of their most recent episodes when Gabbie Hanna interviewed Nick Jonas we enjoyed a little RAPID FIRE. Wondering why this seemed so fascinating to us? Well let us direct you to our own rapid fire right over here.

Again, we’re not so high up on our pedestal to think we created that either, because Rapid Fire has been around for a long ass time and has been used by Vogue, Buzzfeed and even other YouTubers. It might be worth noting that Influencer based rapid fire, however, was never something we saw floating around on other sites…until now.

So you might be wondering why the fuck we care, let us tell you.

Influencers have been untapped, virtually ignored, or considered to be a fake career for a long ass time. We, however, have been fascinated by the shift they have caused in not only social media, but culture and society as a whole. The Influencer mark is one that’s impossible to ignore anymore, and the bigger companies are taking notice.

TRL CLEARLY being one of them.

So, MTV, we’re calling you out. Why’d you have to go and steal our colors? This underdog has some bite in it, next time just @ us. We The Unicorns already did.


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