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‘Hiking With Kevin’ Is Exercise You Will Wanna Watch!

Kevin Nealon has been posting a sweet and intimate DIY web series ‘Hiking With Kevin’ and we simply love it. If you like convos with filmmakers and comedians while they enjoy nature, then this is the show for you.

Watch Nealon chat with Conan O’Brien on his latest hike. Find out which body parts get the most sweaty on these guys and how much they enjoy hat bits.

Conan gets very honest about his anxiety issues and there’s something so vulnerable about their chat that probably nothing else would have captures– except a hike between two good friends.

Nealon goes on hikes with all kinds of famous including–Chelsea Handler, Bella Thorne, Judd Apatow, and more. If you are a Nealon fan in any way (or you like comedy or hiking) you will dig this show.


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