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What Do You Do When You Hit 300K Subscribers? Show Some Nudity.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t really give a shit about 300k subscribers. But Ice Poseidon does.

So to celebrate his oh so amazing milestone, the streamer decided to enlist the help of his “friend,” Aria Nina. That name may sound familiar to you, because Aria Nina is the same woman who Shay Carl allegedly cheated on his wife with. You can read more about that here.

So how did Aria Nina help Ice? Well, the answer is definitely NSFW, but we’re not in the business of censorship, so we’re just gonna casually link it here, (re-hosted on Pornhub). Aria decided to live stream her nude self while 34,000 people watched live. This was in celebration of the 300k subscriber count, in which Ice did a “Female Anatomy/Doctor” stream where Aria would “teach” us all different things. We use the word teach very loosely. Basically, he held a vibrator to Aria and yeah, you can imagine what happened after that. But if you’re looking to get off, it might not happen. Apparently, Aria didn’t even climax. Maybe Ice could use a few more batteries…

If that’s not cringey enough, a fan of Ice Poseidon decided to announce via Reddit they would send everyone who up voted the video $10 if it could get to the front page. It did. But no money has shown up.

So for a short while, we had some mild form of pornography happening on Reddit, all in honor of a milestone. We’re not sure where Ice’s girlfriend was, or if she even knew about the stream, but according to Reddit she’s not a very well liked person. Still, we’d like to think Ice has some respect for his girlfriend.

We’re truly terrified to see what happens when he actually hits 1 million.

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    Dump me pls

  4. FuckCaroleech says:

    LMAO that’s IF he hits 1million he has to DITCH the cum slut alien whore

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