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Which Hollywood Bad Boy Was Madison Beer Just Spotted With?

It looks like Scott Disick was just connected to another young Hollywood starlet, but this time, it’s Madison Beer.

Most recently, the two were seen together attending the Fenty X Puma after party in New York City, and that’s all it took for rumors to start flying that there was something more going on between them.

Scott has famously been seen with tons of young celebrities and Influencers including Bella Thorne and Ella Ross, so we’re not too surprised by this new update, but so far, neither one of them is confirming any sort of real relationship.

The two weren’t entirely alone though because both Suade Brooks and Delilah Hamlin were spotted with them, so even if this was some sort of pseudo-date, they had company.

Other fans did, however, take to Twitter to say that Scott and Madison had actually been spotted together multiple times throughout the week, and suddenly the internet was concerned about the new friendship.

We guess people have gotta live and learn sometimes, and considering all the drama Madison just faced regarding her ex Jack Johnson and that she was just linked to Brooklyn Beckham, we have a feeling that the girl isn’t trying to commit herself to anything too serious right now.

Hey, we could be wrong though, after all stranger things have happened. Although we do have to say that Scott has reached his peak young age considering that Madison is only 18, so like, maybe shoot for someone at least able to order a drink next time.