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‘Hot Ones’ Is The Show Where Very Famous People Eat Hot Ones

If you’ve never seen ‘Hot Ones’ its premise is simple and genius. Sean Evans asks some hot questions while making famous people try very, very spicy hot wings. First of all, Sean Evans is super adorable with a MidWestern accent and is great at disarming people, not to mention he looooves hot sauce. Check out this episode with Vince Staples to get familiar.

Vince Staples is hysterical, even though he’s convinced you are going to get shot in most of Long Beach.

Well, Evans just caught a huge break, and we suspect that ‘Hot Ones’ is going to explode even more than it already has. He just interviewed Colbert, over hot sauce of course!

Congrats, Sean Evans. We’ll put in that same request as all your fans… when are you interviewing Obama?!? In the meantime you can watch new episodes of ‘Hot Ones’ every Thursday.