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I2I With Brennen Taylor And Big Nik!

You know what we haven’t dropped in a while? A brand new I2I!

That’s right, we’re back with a new I2I and we’ve got Big Nik and Brennen Taylor joining us for some hilarious rapid fire as well as a spooky AF story about what happened to Brennen when he was in–get this– Japan’s ‘suicide forest’.

Brennen didn’t go down the Logan Paul path while he was there though, thank god, but he did play a terrifying game called Kokkuri-san, which as he says, is basically like the Japanese version of a ouija board.

Um yea, no thanks, we think we’ll pass on that one.

You’re not gonna wanna miss this episode though because things get wild, like when Brennen talks about finding out that his mom may or may not have hooked up with one of his friends. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and watch for yourself.

Don’t miss out on our newest episode of I2I featuring Big Nik and Brennen Taylor!


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