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I2I With Yung Poppy And Sam Pottoroff!

We just dropped another episode of I2I and you’ve gotta see it! Last time on I2I, Juhahn Jones got the inside scoop on what Carter Reynolds is up to in a total goal-erific interview!

This week, Yung Poppy got close and personal with Sam Potoroff. And of course we mean that in a platonic sense, (Sam is married ladies and gentlemen!) You won’t believe how he and his wife met!

Oh and you know we got the rapid fire questions ready to go! We think Poppy’s getting used to the jump!

Sam also talks about the video he can’t watch of himself anymore, the Chloe meme, and lots of secrets! You’re not gonna wanna miss this episode, and you’ll definitely wanna keep an eye out every Thursday to check out the latest I2I episodes!