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Ice Poseidon Got Swatted And That Was Just The Beginning!

Popular Twitch and YouTube streamer Ice Poseidon (real name Paul Denino) got swatted this week. In case you weren’t familiar with the term, swatting is a highly illegal prank where someone calls in the police/emergency services to a livestreamer’s location in order to watch the chaos unfold live and online.

It went down like this: Ice and some friends were at a restaurant streaming. Some of his “fans” found out what restaurant and made the phone call to the cops saying Ice was doing something illicit. When the police showed up, they didn’t let him go, and began intensely questioning him.

Then, out of nowhere, some of his viewers began giving live “text to speech” donations to him, where the donations and what the money is for are audible (and therefore the cops can hear whatever the viewer wrote in his donation). One viewer had Ice’s stream read aloud: “Tick tock. About to go kaboom on the police” implying Ice had a bomb complete with a countdown to detonation and everything.

The police, obviously unaware about the culture and antics surrounding livestreaming, ended up handcuffing Ice and detaining him until they got everything sorted out.