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The Ice Poseidon Saga Continues And We’re Just Really Lost

We wish we didn’t have to write another shit article, but yet here we are again.

It seems the Ice Poseidon saga is continuing. But we honestly have no idea what’s going on. So what we’re gonna do is just offer you a recount of events (from what we can tell so far). While exploring the oh so massive world and wonder of Reddit, we stumbled upon this post and it concerned us because it’s never a good thing when someone goes missing.

Please share as much as you can! My friend’s Mom is still missing and we are starting to get really worried! (hopefully this subreddit is the right one with the man Paul that was involved?) from Ice_Poseidon

Now we have to admit, at first glance this description sounds pretty bizarre. It almost sounds fake, but hey what do we know? We’ve had crazier things happen in this world. The connection didn’t really make sense to us until we read that part that says she was in an incident with some “youtuber guy” which in case you missed it, is pretty much what we specialize in covering. This is where Ice Poseidon, or Paul (his real name) comes in.

That appears to be the same woman who is now missing. We don’t wanna jump to any conclusions, but if this is the woman’s last appearance, then we’re pretty freaked out. Of course, we’re only speculating on the possibility that these two incidents are even connected. It could all just be coincidence. We’re gonna leave the final verdict up to you. Maybe it’s a ridiculous prank and we’re all about to be really angry. You never know.

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