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Iggy Azalea Confesses That She’s A Shane Dawson Stan

Fans are requesting that YouTuber Shane Dawson and rapper Iggy Azalea collaborate after she reveals that she’s one of his biggest supporters.

Could an eight-part Iggy Azalea docuseries be coming to a YouTube screen near you?!  Many fans are hoping so after the rapper shared that she’s been recommending “people watch Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel 100X more than I have [Netflix’s] Bird Box.”  Shane seemed more shocked by the news than anyone else that Iggy was one of his most loyal supporters.  He responded to her original post by joking that he nearly had a heart attack after reading the compliment.

Iggy also offered up a suggestion for a vlog and name-dropped Shane’s boyfriend and friend Ryland and Garrett.

Previously Shane tweeted that he was nervous about releasing his upcoming 2019 projects but getting the stamp of approval from Iggy probably helped calm his nerves.  Check out what fans on social media had to say about the new insta-BFF’s teaming up for a series.


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