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Influencer Braxton Kilgo Is Ditching Sponsored Content To Inspire Change

After acquiring a massive following and multiple brand deals, Braxton Kilgo is reflecting on what it truly means to be an influencer.

Braxton Kilgo’s journey to digital media success was unlike most influencers.  He was approached for a brand deal before he acquired a following. A recruiter at a fitness expo asked him about becoming an ambassador which led him to pursue a career as a social media influencer.  He built his audience and a successful clothing brand while still in college.

“And then really just marketing and advertising myself as a brand, but then also, my brands, it just really caught traffic then,” Braxton shared with NBC.

Fast forward a few years later and 23-year-old Braxton is reflecting on the true meaning of the term ‘influencer.’  Instead of hawking random products for brands, he wants to use his platform to make a difference.  Now the entrepreneur is diving back into fashion but this time the mission and the product are completely different.  He’s created a line of bracelets with the words “I believe in you” emblazoned on them.  Braxton says he was inspired to create the accessories after speaking at a school in Mineral Wells.  He noticed that a number of the students were self-harming and came from unstable homes.

“Some kids were cutting themselves. They had bad home lives. Some of these kids were abused. Some of the kids struggled with bullying,” he shared with the publication.

The “I believe in you” bracelets, once purchased, allow the owner to electronically connect it with Braxton’s mobile app to upload a profile which includes your location and your ‘story.’

“You open our app and click “Scan” and it will connect to that individual bracelet.  You are able to create a profile, then scan the bracelet that was given to you.  After you scan the bracelet, you enter your name/city and have a chance to tell the story of that interaction. (This is NOT a tracker).”

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You will also be able to read the stories all the way back to the very first person who purchased that bracelet.  Then you can get onto the IBIY App and look at the bracelets you’ve scanned/purchased and see how far they’ve traveled and see how many people have been impacted. You will be able to see how much of a wave YOU have made.

Check out more information on Braxton’s official Instagram page and the Kickstarter for “I believe in you.”


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