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Which Influencer Was Just Mistakenly Restrained By Police?

Jacob Sartorius woke up to a bunch of police officers and guns in his face, and the kid is being shockingly chill about the whole thing.

You’ll explain later???

First things first, we need to know how soon after he was pinned to the ground and handcuffed that he was able to get to his phone and tweet about the whole experience. Was this while the police were still there? Did he ask for a selfie?

We’re not gonna lie, we’re a little disappointed that he didn’t insist on posting an Instagram video of the police themselves saying hi to his fans and explaining the apparent mistake.

Again, we’re fully shocked by how freakishly calm he seems about all of this. If multiple police officers came into our house and pointed guns at us we’d call that more than just a huge misunderstanding.

That’s a colossal mistake.

At least Sartorius knows that his neighbors have his back if there ever really is a robber in his house? Silver linings everyone, silver linings.

In all seriousness, this situation sounds like it was downright terrifying and we’re so glad that no one was hurt during the chaos.