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Influencer Olivia Jade & Family In Hot Water Over College Admissions Scandal

Influencer Olivia Jade and her family are in HOT water over college admissions scandal, YIKES!

Lori Laughlin (mom) and Olivia Jade (daughter), along with a ton of other people, are in HOT water after Lori was charged with a crime associated with an epic college admission scandal this morning.


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merry christmas from my fam to yours

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Apparently, Ms. Laughlin paid over 500k in bribes (first of all… 500k?), so Olivia would be accepted on the crew team. Funny thing is Olivia has never even participated in crew before! Womp…

If you’re too young to know who Lori is that’s okay. She’s an actress that starred on a huge 90’s show called “Full House” (Youtube it!)

The show is actually pretty awesome, but what’s not so awesome are the FELONY charges she’s facing for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. Worst case scenario? 5 years in prison! Sheesh


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It’s important to mention that Olivia hasn’t been charged and we don’t know if she will be, but it’s definitely not a good look as you’re trying to apply for different colleges.

Here’s to hoping things work out for Olivia and that kids that work hard for their admittance into higher education institutions get a fair shot!

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