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Influencer Spotlight: Niko Omilana

Influencer Spotlight: Niko Omilana is a hilarious comedian and founder of the NDL Movement.

Niko Omilana is a Staffordshire, England born comedian and parody king that is setting YouTube on fire.  He’s one of the few influencers that have no chill who has even resorted to pranking his own friends!  He rose to digital media fame after the success of his Drake and Future song “Jumpman” parody video garnered millions of views.  Since then he has been wreaking havoc on the lives of the social media elite including his close buddy Johnny Carey. 

He somehow convinced Johnny to sign a bogus contract for a made-up company.  Not only did Johnny agree to all the outrageous terms but he advertised the phony company on his own YouTube channel and promoted it to his viewers.  So far, Niko just sounds like any other harmless YouTuber that social media is used to seeing but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Niko is a British YouTuber of African descent who bravely went undercover as a ‘racist’ to infiltrate the EDL which is a racist group in the UK that stands for the ‘English Defense League.’  The EDL’s mission is to stop anyone of color from entering their country.  He also created the ‘Niko Defense League’ or NDL in response to the hate group.

Check out his experience below as well as a few other videos from this digital media up and comer!

1. Undercover as a racist for 24 hours

2. How I scammed this YouTuber for $50,000.

3. Drake & Future - Jumpman (Music Video) PARODY

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