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Influencer Spotlight: Victor Assaf Is The True Definition Of An Athlete (Exclusive)

Life constantly throws challenges and obstacles at us that we could never imagine. Influencer Victor Hugo Castro Assaf is the true definition of embracing the life you have been given rather than the one you imagined. 

About 6 years ago Victor’s life changed in a way he never thought was possible. On September 22, 2012, Victor has just completed “The Strongman Challenge” ran by Kallpa CrossFit, which he placed 2nd overall.

When the competition was finished, he jumped on his motorcycle to ride home, Victor admits, “I loved driving fast so that was a problem.”

He was diving through traffic when he got up to 80mph when he realized something was going wrong. He said, “My body wanted to lean to the left, but the bike began pulling me to the right towards the steel guardrail.” He then proceeded to drive over 3 damaged bridge unions, which caused the bike to move abruptly. On the fourth and last union, the motorcycle’s rear wheel lifted off the ground.

Soon as the bike hit the pavement the bike began to swerve. Victor tried to swerve with the bike to prevent being thrown off the bike and down the bridge. Then his body made impact with a light pole crushing his brachial plexus and fracturing his jaw in 3 different places. 

Victor said the accident completely changed his life. He doesn’t consider the accident a bad thing he actually says it was the complete opposite. He said what happened that day changed his whole perspective on life and he was able to see things more clearly.

Victor is now currently a full-time CrossFit coach while running his own personal business called VHCA. A t-shirt brand where he talks about his accident and how he’s worked to overcome everything from that moment. He is also a motivational speaker talking about his experience.

The Trending Team was so inspired by Victor’s story and his unbelievable will to live and compete that we knew we had to do an Influencer Spotlight.

Check out our exclusive interview with Victor Hugo Castro Assaf below – 

Where are you from and how old are you? 

I’m from Ecuador and I’m 29 years old.

How long have you been involved in weight lifting? How did you get started? 

It’s been doing it for a while now. I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost 10 years now and I can say that I started weightlifting a few years after, I have been involved with weightlifting for 7 years. My big brother showed me Crossfit and never stopped from then…

What’s a day in the life of Victor like? Walk us through it! 

Well, I start my day pretty early, get some coffee and a snack at 4:15 am then open the box at 5 am. Classes at 5 and 6 am then it’s my time to train. Maybe a few things from the programming. Back to the house get some food in me take a shower, rest a little.

What does it mean to you to be an athlete? 

It means a lot of responsibility as well a lot of fun, from now and then reunite with my friends and competitors, I love that because I learn, I have fun, even in the competition we motivate each other and that’s what being an athlete means to me. Having the mental growth to know that yes that’s your opponent but also your friend, being humble is what every athlete should be in this planet, giving your hundred percent to everything competing, friendship, work, living, enjoying no matter the outcome!

Yes hard work pays off, remember every success comes through hard times that teaches us to be thankful every single day of our life’s.

Do you have an ultimate favorite workout? 

Mmmmm, Murph, Fran, I love the suffering so I make every workout feel like that 🙃

You’re big into CrossFit, why do you like CrossFit and how has it changed your life? 

I love this thing… why? It taught me how to be a human, how to work hard for things in and out of the box, gave me a lot of friend around the planet, and it’s always teaching me new things every day. I do Crossfit for living that’s how much I love it! It gave me a new life. No matter the outcome it’s always joy and hard times and I freaking love hard times Hahahahahaha!

I’m sure there are some days that are more challenging than others, how do you stay motivated to keep going? 

Looking in the mirror and telling me to stop whining everybody’s going through hard times and I’m not special to take a day and whine about it, keep the mindset and keep the fire going on HARD!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to people that may be going through something challenging? 

Live with joy, stay positive no matter what… I know it’s hard we all have hard times that’s life, learn from your mistakes.. grow from them that’s what’s going to make you A BETTER YOU! Embrace the life you have a make the better as you can to be freaking proud of what you are and what you want, TRY AND KEEP TRYING UNTIL YOU GET IT!

Keep your head up and keep moving forward!

Who are some of your biggest inspirations? 

My mother

My competition

My work

My life

My hunger

The need to be better every day!

This need to teach every single soul on the planet that is attitude what matters, is character what matters, working hard will make you achieve better things and not just things A BETTER YOU! Let everyone know this is possible .. what’s this? Being alive and live with JOY!

What’s next for you? Anything big in the works you can share with us?

Well, I’m getting ready for the WheelWOD GAMES in Canada, so that means training a lot harder every day.

Getting some work done with my motivational speeches here in Guatemala, which is where I currently live right now. I came a month ago to work and maybe achieve a lot more success if you know what I mean.

I’m gonna start my clothing brand again because I would love to share it with the world my brand is called @vhca but I’m just starting this again so I don’t have anything new JUST YET!


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