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Influencers Attend The Kanye West-Directed First Ever ‘Pornhub Awards’

The first ever ‘PornHub Awards’ show went down on Thursday and it was a night to remember!

Some of the top influencers attended the ‘Pornhub Awards’ and even in a room full of the industries top porn stars still managed to stand out.  They even managed to take home a few awards.  Pornhub tapped rapper and owner of Yeezy clothing label Kanye West to be the ‘Creative Director’ for the show and he did not disappoint!

He handled everything from the awards themselves to the performances and music selection.  The trophies were very on brand for Pornhub and consisted of massive dildos which Kanye designed himself.

“Kanye has designed a bespoke erotica-inspired award statue for each of tonight’s unique categories. In line with the futurist theme, the award statues represent imagined alien sex toys.”

Catch some of the highlights below!

Tana Mongeau didn’t wait to get in the event to make a splash, she turned heads as soon as she hit the red carpet!

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Elijah Daniel aka Lil’ Phag was there alongside his bestie Tana where they later found out she was actually nominated for an award!

Lena The Plug had some fun the red carpet as well!

…and congrats are in order for the superstar because she won ‘Celeb of the Year’

YouTuber and rapper RiceGum was also in attendance!

Check out some other Yeezy approved shots below!

  1. Eva Kay says:

    Dang it would be nice if you covered the porn industry a little more. Y’know, the industry the awards were actually for. These people could care less about sex workers. They are not a part of this industry and therefore shouldn’t have been the focus of this article. Do better.

  2. Mariah says:

    I 100% agree with Eva Kay. Do better. Those “influencer” attendants could care less about sex workers.

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