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Which Influencers Can’t Stop Talking About The New ‘It’ Movie?

The new It movie is doing its job of slowly but surely taking over the world and by default, our nightmares.

Maybe it’s because of that insane clown scare we had last year where clowns were literally trying to lure children into the woods, maybe it’s because clowns are just downright terrifying by themselves, whatever the reason, the It movie opened to one of the most successful box office weekends.

Everyone is taking to Twitter to share their thoughts and so far the response seems to be unanimous in the sense that everyone thought it was epically creepy.

Well, everyone except James Charles.

Don’t believe us? See what Influencers are saying about It for yourselves. We know one thing though, with all this talk, we’re feeling like we’re gonna have to brave our own clown fears to go see what all the fuss is about.

If you guys do go see It, we wish you clown-free dreams afterwards.