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Honest Trailers Faces Sexual Harassment Scandal, Kristen Hancher Streams Sexy Time, & More!

It’s time for the October 9th episode of “Influencers Only”! We’re bringing you all the breaking influencer news you’ve got to hear about today.

Andy Signore, the mastermind behind Screen Junkies Honest Trailers, is facing serious allegations of sexual harassment.

Instagrammer Kristen Hancher accidentally went “live” on the platform and broadcasted audio of her having more than a good time with her boyfriend, Andrew Gregory.

Casey Neistat, along with fellow YouTubers, are pissed that his video covering the Las Vegas shooting was demonetized on the site, showing a clear bias as they run ads from major networks that covered the same story.

Last week MTV officially rolled out TRL’s new look, and we gotta say it looks pretty familiar. Just check out this color scheme and video format.


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