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Elijah & Christine Go On Maury, Lance Stewart Gets Hacked, & More!

It’s time for the November 16th episode of “Influencers Only”! We’re bringing you all the breaking influencer news you’ve got to hear about today.

Lance Stewart got hacked due to an allegedly compromised T-Mobile SIM card. His Snapchat had a nude pic posted but Lance claims it’s not him…. because the thumb is clearly different.

Klay Thompson is spilling the tea on the rumors he is in a relationship with Instagram model Abigail Ratchford. When asked about her, he said he is looking for a “wholesome lady”, implying she isn’t. Yikes!

Maury had Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko on his show to confront the “rumors” he’s gay . Tana Mongeau made an appearance as the other woman, and the segment was an all around hilarious bit.


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