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RiceGum Tries To Clap Back At iDubbbz, Joey Graceffa Drops Out Of Book Tour, & More

It’s time for the October 12th episode of “Influencers Only”! We’re bringing you all the breaking influencer news you’ve got to hear about today.

Joey Graceffa decided to cancel the last three stops on his “Elites of Eden” book tour after he came down with a mouth infection.

During BET’s Hip Hop Awards, Eminem performed a freestyle rap that totally slammed Donald Drumpf and it quickly went viral.

RiceGum continues to battle iDubbbz in what seems to be a new diss track war, with the former releasing a new diss track that many feel is inferior to iDubbz earlier track.


YouTuber Alex G came out as bisexual for yesterday’s National Coming Out Day.


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