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Influencers React To Ellen Degeneres’ Petition To Keep Kevin Hart As Oscars Host

After Twitter users dug up old racy tweets from Kevin Hart he was relieved of his Oscar hosting duties, but celebrities like Ellen Degeneres think he deserves a second chance.

Kevin Hart landed his dream job after being tapped to host the Oscars but shortly after old tweets of his started to resurface.  Fans were outraged and labeled the comedian homophobic.

Kevin Hart shared that the Academy would let him keep the gig on one condition-that he apologize!  But he refused because he shared that he has apologized for the statements multiple times in the past.  Since then, the Oscars has had a hard time finding a replacement.

Kevin recently made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show and the host, who is openly gay, spoke out in support of him being reinstated by the Oscars.  On the episode, Ellen urged Kevin to reconsider his position and also shared that she reached out to someone at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on behalf of the comedian.

“As a gay person,” Ellen said, “I am sensitive to all of that and I talked to you about all of this and you’ve already expressed that it’s not being educated on the subject, not realizing how dangerous those words are, not realizing how many kids are killed for being gay, or beaten up every day. You have grown, you have apologized, you are apologizing again right now. You’ve done it.  Don’t let those people win. Host the Oscars.”
Check out reactions from social media and Influencers reaction after the episode aired:

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  1. James Paul Spellicy says:

    Ellen does not speak for me or for many in the gay community. Hart is a homophobe; he has never apologized, and should not be invited to the Oscars. I appreciated much of what you have done for my communityEllen, but this time you are wrong.

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