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Which Influencers Took Home Wins At This Year’s Teen Choice Awards?

The Teen Choice Awards were last night and they certainly gave us a ton of memorable moments like Jake Paul dropping his mic while performing his hit song “It’s Everyday Bro” with his fellow Team 10 members.

It also gave us tons of moments of influencers taking home some awards!

Liza Koshy and Logan Paul took home the #ChoiceFemaleWebStar and #ChoiceMaleWebStar awards respectively:

Logan Paul also took home the #ChoiceComedyWebStar!

His infamous younger brother, Jake Paul also took home two awards #ChoiceMusicWebStar and #ChoiceYouTuber!

Beauty guru and MUA, Nikkie Tutorials took home the #ChoiceBeautyWebStar award:

The Dolan Twins won #ChoiceComedian! (Although there was a bit of fighting between the Dolan twins’ fans, the Jake Paulers and the Logang arguing that the Dolan twins should have won both #ChoiceMaleWebStar and #ChoiceYouTuber and the award show was rigged!)

Despite the controversy Ethan and Grayson both took to Twitter and thanked their fans for the support

Baby Ariel took home the #ChoiceMuser award

Other notable winners were Kian Lawley winning #ChoiceDramaMovieActor for his role as Rob in Before I Fall, Shawn Mendes won #ChoiceSummerMaleArtist and #ChoiceMaleHottie!