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Are You Following Chile’s Hottest YouTubers?

We caught up with Australia and Japan to check out the who’s who of YouTube influencers and creators. Now, we’re moving over to Chile!

1. HolaSoyGerman

With 32 million followers on YouTube, HolaSoyGerman is the highest ranking Chilean YouTuber, basically blowing everyone out the water. German Garmendia is not only a YouTuber, but a musician with a separate channel amassing over 1.4 million subscribers.

2. DeGoBooM

DeGoBoom, whose real name is Diego is mostly known for his gaming channel which shows random and popular games. Diego has 1.4 million followers.

3. Xodaaaa

Xoda (pronounced Soda, whose real name is Cristian) has over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Most of his gameplays cover horror games ala PewDiePie.

4. Lenay

Lenay is known as Lele amongst her followers, and she’s a multi-talented Youtuber with acting credentials!

5. GiovyHobby

Giovy’s Hobby is a super cool YT channel for learning step by step tutorials. Anything from building to actual gameplay! His YT channel counts 255k subscribers.

6. ZetaSSJ

Zeta, (real name Francisco) specializes in all things Nintendo! Currently sitting comfortably at 300k subscribers, his count rises every day and is one of the fastest growing channels in Chile!

7. ilonqueen

A multi-talented young star, Ilonqueen’s channel does mostly covers of popular songs, including opening jingles for animes. She now lives in Mexico, and has over 1 million subscribers.

8. Claudipia

Claudipia’s channel has over 1.4 million subscribers and is one of the top YouTubers doing makeup in Chile! She also does fun beauty tips and hacks.


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