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Instagram Artist Spotlight: Jun Cha

Sometimes when people think of art, they unfortunately overlook certain mediums such as tattoo artists.


The truth is, that tattoo artists are just as immensely talented as any artist, and they too need to know how to draw in the conventional sense considering that tattooing is essentially drawing on someones skin.

After all, you don’t want someone drawing on you with a needle until you know that they can at least draw on paper with a pencil.

• progress ⚡️?

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Jun Cha’s work is rooted in realism and specializing in transferring actual sculptural art that we know and love onto bodies through complete sleeve tattoos. The attention to detail in his work, especially in shading, is what makes him stand out amongst other artists.

?Stand like a rock. #standingrock #sioux #merica

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Jun Cha’s studio, Monarc Studios, is based in downtown Los Angeles and focuses on advancing the artistry of black and gray tattoos while also creating a one of a kind experience in actually being tattooed.

Just by taking a look at his Instagram, we can already tell that his clientele expands to reach celebrities such as Tom Hardy who can be seen getting work done.

• late night with the great Tom Hardy. Selfie game: strong ?? @monarcstudios #therevenant

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We’re sure that with skills such as his, available appointments are backed up in advance, but in looking at his Instagram portfolio, the wait is definitely worth it.

We know we’re already inspired for our next tattoo, but what can we say, we know good art when we see it.


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