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Instagram Just Took Away Our Secret Screenshot Privileges

Is nothing sacred anymore?

In a bold move, Instagram is currently testing out a new feature that will alert users if someone else has taken a screenshot of their story, meaning it’s basically becoming exactly like Snapchat.

So far, this feature is not being implemented as an official update, and the testing period is only hitting certain users to see if the potential new stalker alert setting will affect user engagement or not. But in general, we totally feel like this is not something users will be particularly psyched about.

People love to creep online, and prior to this, Instagram was a pseudo-safe haven for those who tend to get extra screenshot happy. Considering that nothing can go unnoticed on Snapchat because of their alerts, many users casually loved Instagram’s lack of notifications, but clearly, that’s changing.

Once again, we wonder why they won’t just bring back the chronological newsfeed we all want. Enough of these random features that do nothing but make our lives more hellish than they already are.

And for all you creepers out there? Consider this your PSA.

Let’s just hope that this feature doesn’t actually go into full effect any time soon.


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