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These Instagram Makeup Trends Are NOT SAFE So Don’t Even Think About It!

They say beauty is pain, but these trends take it to the next level.

We love you too much to encourage these makeup trends to even become a thing. So before they’re trending too much for us to stop, we’re warning you now these makeup “hacks” are not safe and you’re prettier than you think anyway so why waste your time?

Next time you’re on Instagram, be sure to avoid these wannabe makeup trends. Tell your girls too. They’ll thank you for it.

1. Nail Polish as Lip Liner

Believe it or not, there are women out there using nail polish as lip liner. It’s a much heavier effect visually so it looks great in a photo, BUT applying nail polish on your lips is a health hazard and it can lead to breakouts and irritating skin!

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2. Using Limes in Place of Deodorant

Limes and lemons are usually an easy go-to fix for mostly anything. While limes are some of earth’s greatest gifts, the acidity of limes can irritate your skin, causing redness, burning, and an unwanted rash.

3. No contour is worth the risk of slicing your face open, right?

Whatever you do to perfect your makeup routine, just make sure it isn’t any of these!