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Instagram Warns Against Exotic Animal Selfies

Picture Credit: Will Burrard-Lucas

Instagram is stepping up their game by implementing a new feature that now warns against animal cruelty.

We’re all guilty of wanting to see wild or exotic animals, and with the social media boom, it makes sense that we all wanna get a good picture with the ones that we manage to encounter.

After all, pics or it didn’t happen, right?

But with that desire comes the unfortunate truth that these animals are being captured and used as a way to lure tourists into money hungry businesses that aren’t treating these animals properly at all. In fact, with most places, animals are being forced into situations that their species’ are notoriously uncomfortable with for the sake of a tourist trying to grab a photo.

With the new update, Instagram has started to flag certain hashtags that are associated with wildlife selfies as a way to help educate their users about animal abuse and exploitation.

Among the tags that are now sparking concern for animal welfare are #slothselfie, #tigerpet and #koalaselfie. If these are searched, a window will now pop up that offers information about animal wildlife, instead of automatically taking you to the tagged pictures.

We are absolutely here for this update, because we hate to see any animal treated poorly, and even though it might not seem like selfies and Instagram posts are perpetuating this poor treatment, they involuntarily play a role. So good on Instagram for taking the initiative to help stop this treatment and raise awareness!


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