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Did This Instagram Influencer Go Too Far With Unexpected Kisses?

Now that sexual misconduct allegations are being taken more seriously than ever before, it isn’t surprising that an influencer might face heat for questionable actions.

That is exactly what is happening with Instagram model Brookelyn (@MissBrooke_Lyn), who is being accused of dishing out unwanted interactions. She’s got over 711,000 followers on Instagram, and 1.8 million on Facebook, and she posts a combination of “humorous” videos alongside sexy lingerie photos.

Brookelyn made a series of videos about kissing/touching strangers in public without their consent and it has one vlogger raising questions about if this went too far.

YouTuber Eddy Burback broke it down in this video. “Now I know what you’re thinking, as a sane person the immediate thought is ‘Hey! Don’t do that!… Don’t go up to strangers and kiss them in public.'” It’s super awkward, as Brookelyn literally takes her phone out to film these guys “selfie style” next to her on the sidewalk, then randomly plants a kiss on their cheek. Many of the dudes aren’t even aware as the are looking down at their own phones right when she walks up and lays one on them.

Most of the guys she kisses look utterly confused, and like Eddy points out in his video, we aren’t sure why she would choose to upload some of these unfortunate reactions. One kissing victim went as far as to push her away and wipe his face off.

This entire situation has the Trending office divided, with half of the team saying this should be treated the same way as it would if genders were reversed, and the other half saying you can’t compare the two because it will never be perceived equally in terms of levels of offense. But we think it might be safe if we all agree to just NOT TOUCH PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW.

What are your feelings on the debate? Should Brookelyn be held as accountable as a male would if he randomly kissed strange women on the street? Should we let it go because women aren’t as threatening and this isn’t assault? Is the whole situation blown out of proportion? Does her attractiveness influence your opinion and would this be treated the same way if she was less “desirable”? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Ol girl yung peepee says:

    One time I fucked a dude in public without his “consent”. Fuck you he liked it

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