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Exclusive Interview With Fitness Instagrammer Mariah Mead!

We caught up with one of our favorite fitness gals to talk about her life as a fitness model and a trainee pro wrestler! If you’re looking for some serious goal inspiration and power photos, Mariah Mead is the Instagram you need to be following!

We asked her all the questions we were dying to ask!

1. How has fitness impacted your life?
Fitness has changed my life completely. I’ve always been athletic and stayed in shape, but this past year I’ve put a focus on body building and endurance. It’s changed my lifestyle for the better; I’m healthier, happier, and more focused on my goal to become a WWE Superstar.

2. What’s the hardest part of staying in shape for you?
The diet! The common assumption is that getting in the gym is the hardest part, but I find with a lot of people it’s maintaining a diet. I’m trying to bulk up, and have been doing so for the past year, it’s very tough to make sure you’re eating enough (and the right stuff!) when gaining weight & building muscle. Not to mention, food is super expensive! But once you look back at old pictures, or hit a new PB, it makes it all worth it and gives you a new sense of motivation.

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3. Who are your inspirations?
I always loved Princess Leia growing up (a fictional character I know!), she was a princess who kicked butt! My mum is a huge inspiration to me, my parents came from nothing and a fantastic life for themselves and their children which always motivates me to work hard. Also, Nikki Bella! She’s a WWE Superstar and a hit on E! reality show’s Total Divas and Total Bellas. I’m so inspired for so many reasons; she has constantly had to deal with a stigma her entire career because of the way she looks yet she has pushed through it and become a truly iconic female wrestler, her and her twin sister are incredible business women and she overcame a life-changing neck injury to get back in the ring and do what she loves – I admire that so much.

4. For anyone following you on Instagram, it’s easy to tell you’re a huge WWE fan! What introduced you to that world?
Yup! My insta is filled with WWE, it’s pretty much my life! I’ve loved it since I was a child. I have two older brothers so we all used to watch it when we were kids & even wrestle about in the garden (needless to say I ALWAYS lost). I was also given a dope opportunity by WWE Shop to promote some of their items, as a fan, and someone aspiring to be a WWE Superstar, that was probably one of my best achievements thus far.

5. What does female wrestling mean to you?
Everything! I can proudly show my parents the female matches now and say this what I want to do. The women look amazing, athletic, and are technically incredible in the ring, it’s amazing to see. I respect the women from the past as well, even though their matches aren’t as long as today’s or given the same attention, they gave women’s wrestling such a huge push and did little things to help get women into an equal spot to men, I admire that and I think it deserves to be paid tribute.

6. How do you feel about having a big following on Instagram?
I know followers aren’t everything, but it’s awesome to have such an engaging audience at your fingertips. They’ll always give me advice, ask how I’m doing and support me on my journey. It’s taken me about a year to build my following, and I’ve noticed some of the same names have really stayed with me and always pushed my posts a lot – I appreciate that and it means a lot that people are so invested. In today’s world I do believe that social media is hugely important, it plays such a key role in a lot of work opportunities so I’m trying to build my page and myself as a brand to help me get into the WWE, along with my training and fitness modeling.

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7. If you could give advice to girls growing up in this social media world, what you say?
This may seem a little hypocritical coming from someone who is an Instagram influencer, but I’d advise them not to let social media rule their life! Don’t get me wrong, the internet is awesome and it’s cool to interact with people, follow your favorite celebs; I personally love talking about Game of Thrones on Twitter, but there’s such a huge danger of social media having a negative effect on your life.

I always tell my younger cousin, when I was 13, 14 years old I hugely let social media take over my life; I had to always update my status to every single thing I was doing, it was almost like a competition, it wasn’t fun. I think it’s important to remember to live your life, when I go to concerts or wrestling shows now I get a few pics and then put my phone away and enjoy the moment.

I make sure to limit myself to a few hours a day on the internet, I post on social media for a part of my job and I do love to interact with my followers on there, but I always remember to live my life and enjoy it without my phone. If I’m eating dinner, or with my family or friends, the phone has got to go!

8. Who’s one of your favorite YouTubers to watch?
UpUPDownDown. It’s a gaming channel run by WWE Superstar Xavier Woods; I love gaming & WWE so it’s pretty much the perfect content for me! I also love the Bella Twins’ channel; they’re huge entrepreneurs and have managed to monetize their life. When I was a little younger I loved prank channels like the Janoskians and beauty channels like Zoella, personality is everything!

9. Can we expect any more YouTube videos?
Of course! I post every Thursday. I just finished posting my WWE Shop customization series where I cut and style some wrestling shirts. The net thing I’ll be posting is a Q & A and some challenge videos with my bestie Amber.

10. Any upcoming projects we can look forward to?
The most exciting thing is…I’m training to become a pro-wrestler! I started training at the beginning of the year when I did a two months beginner course at PROGRESS wrestling school. It was the best experience ever, challenging, but definitely the most awesome thing I’ve ever done. After I completed the course I realised I need to work on my strength before I dive back in, so I’ve spent most of the year doing that (joining Crossfit helped me hugely in that aspect). I’m aiming to join Lucha Brittania’s wrestling school in September – I can’t wait to get stuck back in.

I’m also going to be filming some fitness videos in September – so keep an eye out for that on my YouTube!

We look forward to Mariah’s journey! Follow her on Instagram to keep up with the fitness lifestyle!