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Is Jake Paul Rebranding His ‘Toxic’ Team 10 or Disbanding The Clique?

Jake Paul wiped Team 10’s social media pages clean leaving fans wondering whether the ‘toxic’ group was officially done.

Since Team 10’s inception in 2016, Jake Paul and co. have made headlines.  Something about a large group of young social media stars on the rise all packed into a mansion kept the views and the dollars rolling in.  But the group hasn’t been without their fair share of controversy.  Team 10 would often participate in destructive pranks and dangerous challenges which garnered news coverage, complaints from neighbors, and allegations of abuse at the hands of its leader.

Members seem to drop like flies with each one making shocking claims about what life in the house was really like. Previous members of Team 10 include Alissa Violet, Neels Visser, The Dobre Twins, AJ Mitchell, Nick Crompton, the Martinez Twins, Tessa Brooks, Chance Sutton, and Alex Lange.  The current members are Jake’s dog, Apollo, 7-year-old Ben HamptonErika CostellChad TepperAnthony Trujillo, Justin Roberts, and of course Jake Paul.  

Rumors surfaced that former members were mentally and physically abused, racially slurred, and taken advantage of financially.  It should come as no surprise that in Shane Dawson’s docuseries on Jake, it was heavily implied that the Team 10 house was an extremely toxic environment for all involved and should be shut down.

It seems that Jake may have agreed since all of Team 10’s official social media pages are empty except for an Instagram post that reads ‘A new team coming soon…’

What will the ultimate fate of Team 10 be?!  Hit us up @Trend All Day to let us know your thoughts!

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  1. stefanwschmidt@gmail.com says:

    Damn. So sad. TEAM 10!!!

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