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Is Jake Paul’s New Song “Champion” A Rip Off of KSI’s “Encore”?!

The Olatunji and Paul brothers have more drama outside the ring than in it!  The latest incident has fans dragging Jake Paul for copying KSI’s song.

Jake Paul landed himself in hot water after dropping his new song and video for his latest single Champion.”  We’ve already seen KSI taunt Logan and their younger brothers Deji and Jake are going at it as well.  But now the brothers might need to switch opponents because things are heating up again.  Fans are claiming the songs sound eerily similar to KSI’s song Encore.” 

Jake has posted to Twitter since then but he has yet to address the accusations.  Does this mean a Jake Paul call-out video from KSI could be coming?!

Randolph, aka @thebreadbatch, came with receipts for those who needed further proof.  What makes it more interesting is that Randolph collaborated with KSI to make “Encore.”

We’ll let you guys be the judge, listen to both songs below!


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