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JackSepticEye Gets Savagely Roasted By Wendy’s Fast Food Chain!

On #NationalRoastDay, gamer JackSepticEye was the butt of the joke on social media after Wendy’s called out his absence from YouTube’s 2018 Rewind video.

The social media masterminds behind Wendy’s Twitter account are back at it again!  This time the fast-food chain is taking a shot at JackSepticEye in honor of National Roast Day.  They put out a tweet calling for participants willing to be publicly roasted.  The YouTuber replied “Try your best!” and that’s when Wendy’s hit him with the ultimate burn.

Wendy’s tweeted “Loved your bit in YouTube Rewind this year” even though he was noticeably absent.  Usually, the streaming platform invites it’s most relevant vloggers to participate, so when a past user isn’t featured in the recap video it can mean that their not as relevant as they once were.  But, this year’s recap caused controversy for not featuring YouTube’s most prominent vloggers, which means JackSepticEye is still as relevant as ever.  The YouTuber was a good sport about the roast and even replied back “That’s hot!”


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