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Jacksepticeye Is Raising Money For Charity And Needs Your Help

We love this new theme of waking up to happy Influencer news, and Jacksepticeye is the newest one to put a smile on our face.

The gamer just posted a new video to his channel with the very clickbaity title ‘I Need Your Help…’ to let his fans know that he, as well as other YouTubers, were joining together to raise money for Save The Children.

The stream is going to take place December 15th and December 16th and will be going on for four hours each day.

“We have a lot of stuff planned. There’s going to be different challenges, little different bits and pieces here and there– I’m not going to spoil them now, but it’s going to be a really great fun stream.”

If you’re thinking about skipping out or only half participating, you might want to rethink that because Jack teased that there’s probably gonna be something ‘secret and special’ in between the streams. We have no clue what that means other than the fact that it almost definitely guarantees that something extra will be going down that will likely be geared towards the fans.

The goal is to raise $100,000, which Save The Children actually already found a donor to match. In other words, if Jack manages to bring the community together to actually raise the $100k, then that means that Save The Children will get a $200k total donation.

We love the spirit of giving back around this time of year, and considering how royally fucked up the whole of 2017 was, it’s nice to be ending it on a note like this.

Check out the full video down below to get all the details for yourself!


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